Single Page Website Design Using WordPress or Shopify That Works Like a Smartphone App

Website Design Examples From a Few Previous Clients

*note that each website we develop is vastly different and based on budget and goals, we can make them as complex or simple as needed, anything from a comprehensive online eCommerce store to a streamlined single page website that functions like an app, easy user experience is always top priority.

Client 1

This project is for a small town family farm and they wanted a website with large text and white background that is simple and easy to understand with minimal clicks, for people of all ages.

Client 2

For this website the owner and main product creator wants to scale from a regional to national selling approach to grow their home made pierogi business, ongoing process that we are consulting for.

Client 3

This is a multi location restaurant with many Spanish clients that wanted to keep things simple and function like an app with one click access to all information assets and no website clutter.

Client 4

This business is a brain therapy clinic that helps people with mental health, PTSD and stress reduction using natural means, it’s very technical so condensing and simplifying was the goal.

Where Simplicity Meets Ease of Understanding Through the ‘Core 4’ of Your Digital Business Needs

When it comes to getting a website designed for your business or organization, keeping things as streamlined as possible while minimizing clicks and ensuring the website visitor knows why they are there is of paramount importance. Gone are the days of websites with ‘about pages’ and ‘contact pages’, we make experiences that feel like a smartphone app interface and smoothly articulate why people should care about your business. Couple that with a sound Google Maps business listing and a customer service focused social media program, and you have the makings of a profitable business that is seamless to operate. Below is our core 4 approach to what you need to make the best experience for your business and drive record profits.

google maps business listing

Setup of Google Maps Listing for Your Business

Having a well thought out and organized Google Maps business listing is one of the most important things you can do for your business, we help you to set this up along with building you a single page website. You will rank in Google very well for your business name, industry, services and location and this will work in tangent with your customer reviews and social media strategy. Placements in Google maps are always at the top of the search engine results page as proximity to customer is a main consideration for marketing your business locally.

customer reviews on your google business profile

Best Practice Guide to Authentic Customer Reviews

When people consider shopping with you, they want to read the experiences of your previous customers. In that way you should have a plan in place for supporting and managing your Google reviews, wherein you suggest people leave honest truthful and transparent thoughts about their experience shopping with you. These will help you with direct search engine results if you use strong semantic language to respond to each of them. Good or bad, reviews matter and making it easy for people to leave and read reviews should be a top priority for your business.

easy to use fast loading single page websites

We Build You a Custom Made Single Page Website

When people come to your website to learn about your business, they have a short attention span, meaning you need to make the most of every second they spend looking at your business. Your website should most often be a single page experience and load in under 2 seconds on all devices and operating systems. Making sure to articulate the who, what, when, where, why, and how elements of your business so people understand why they should care. We help you break your business down to its absolute core and present that with a clean and easy to understand interface built upon the wordpress content management system, and where applicable woocommerce or shopify for eCommerce stores.

social media marketing and customer service

Social Media and Customer Service Strategy

For most people the concept of using social media for their business is about publishing status updates and posts related to sales or new product offerings. But the best use of all apps Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, SnapChat, YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, LinkedIn and similar are for listening and monitoring your marketplace and industry. As well as responding to questions, comments and messages in near real time to handle the majority of your customer service. Stop thinking about social media as a one way conversation and look at it as a global conversation that happens in all directions. These apps transcend borders and languages, making it an integral part of your customer service.

Let Us Design Your Single Page Website That Works Like a Smartphone App, Checkout the Onboarding Process Below


Asset Intake Email

You email us all of the links and resources to your digital presence as well as a short write-up about your business.

Initial Scope Review

We then review and digest things from the top down, assess industry and review data-sets, metrics and KPI’s.

Transparent Phone Call

From there we have a phone call about your needs, respond to and discuss all areas and have a transparent conversation.

Streamline Deliverables

Then a follow up email from us to you refines the discussion points that happened and a framework is created.

You Approve Work

After which you review the email and approve generally the scope of development and respond to us in writing.

Formalize Process

Then we create a payment process and workflow plan to materialize needed changes from the approval of things in writing.

Initial Payment

Your final approval happens top down and then we get started following deliverables after initial payment is made.

Development Completed

This is where we get to shine and follow a methodical website design and development process to complete tasks.

Final Payment

When everything is finished, we have a phone call to review everything and pass off final production prior to final payment.

Transparent Closure

Last tweaks are made if any and refinements are put in place, from which success follows with the business improvements.

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